The KU Weapons Policy outlines restrictions and expectations for students, staff, faculty and visitors. Although we realize unraveling the nuance of policy can create additional questions. The KU Public Safety Office, 785-864-5900, is available to clarify applicable laws and policies that affect the campus community. The office provides public safety programming for both offices and KU organizations that request them.

The university also has extensive emergency planning operations that work closely with campus leaders as well as regional public safety officials. You can learn more about those efforts here:

Emergency Planning

All members of the campus community are encouraged to sign up for the campus alerts systems. The system uses a variety of communications channels to inform members of the campus community about a variety of emergency situations that could pose a threat to health or safety or may require campus closure.

Campus Alerts

Help Someone

If you suspect a member of the KU community is experiencing difficulty coping with their circumstances and may be at risk to harm themselves or others, please speak up so the person can get help they may need.

If the person is a student, you can confidentially contact the Student of Concern Review Team. You also can encourage the student to contact KU’s Counseling and Psychological Services, 785-864-2277.

If the person is a member of the KU faculty or a staff member, contact Human Resource Management,, 785-864-4946.

In case of imminent danger, call 911 immediately.

Instructional Preparation

Faculty and instructional staff often deal with moments of conflict in their classrooms. KU Public Safety Office can provide de-escalation training for departments and programs. In addition, the KU Center for Teaching Excellence has developed a guide that can help instructors handle volatile conversations in the classroom and an FAQ specifically for teaching and concealed carry.

Sample syllabus language is available to assist instructors whose courses have physical activities or special academic circumstances. Guidance is also available in crafting syllabus wording for courses with scenarios not reflected in the samples.

Active Shooter Response Training

Students: KU Public Safety Office provides a number of resources to help you take charge of your personal safety.  A well-received video “Run. Hide. Fight.” produced by the city of Houston is available to view. You can request printable information sheets and pamphlets that offer guidance and education for several situations. The Public Safety Office also offers regular training programs across campus on various personal and property safety issues.  Any student group can contact the Community Services unit (785-864-5900, or if they want a presentation on a topic in which they have an interest.

Employees: Sign on to KU’s Talent Development site, select My Learning, search for KU’s “Active Shooter Response Training” learning module.

Visitors: A well-received video “Run. Hide. Fight.” produced by the city of Houston is available to view.

Self Defense

Self-defense techniques can help build confidence when paired with personal awareness. The Emily Taylor Center for Women and Gender Equity offers occasional self-defense workshops throughout the year, including self-defense in the presence of weapons. Learn more about the center’s offerings